Shield Your Body From EMF Radiation 24/7 With the CENTROPIX BUBBLE

The power of Earth’s natural frequency in the palm of your hand

Whether you know it or not, you have a problem. And yes, everyone has their problems that they’re dealing with every day. But this one’s different.

Because it’s a problem that every human being—and every living thing on Earth—shares.

It’s called electromagnetic field radiation, or E-smog, and it’s taking a toll on your health.

The trouble is, it’s the product of the devices we use and depend on.

Phones, laptops, cellular towers—all 20 billion ‘smart’ devices currently being used around the world are to blame. 

If we’ve caught your attention, keep reading. The harmful effects of EMF radiation are at an all-time high, and it’s more damaging than you likely expect.

The Research Behind EMF Radiation

Do you feel your best all of the time or even half the time?

For most people, the answer is no.

The trouble is, you might feel ‘okay’ without realizing your baseline could be a lot higher.

That’s because EMF radiation can and will cause:

  • ‘Brain fog’
  • Trouble focusing
  • Trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep
  • Low energy levels
  • High-stress levels

And it’s constantly there. You likely come into contact with up to 40 EMF-creating devices each day without thinking about it.

We understand the negative effects of the electronic devices themselves. There’s plenty of research into overstimulation from cell phones and other personal electronic devices.

Constantly having our electronics with us has been linked to poor memory, poor sleep, and even addiction to those devices.

But what is less often discussed is the harmful byproduct of electronic devices that you can’t see: 

EMF radiation.

As a result, most people go about their day being exposed to E-smog despite recent research that has shown a link between EMFs and damage to the human body that’s far more dangerous than overstimulation alone:

“The results of the recent studies not only clearly demonstrate that EMF exposure triggers oxidative stress in various tissues, but also that it causes significant changes in levels of blood antioxidant markers. Fatigue, headache, decreased learning ability, and cognitive impairment are among the symptoms caused by EMF.” 
– Kıvrak EG, Yurt KK, Kaplan AA, Alkan I, Altun G.
Effects of electromagnetic field exposure on the antioxidant defense system

It’s easy to forget about something that you can’t see. 

And you could just forget about EMF radiation. But the dangers aren’t going away anytime soon.

In fact, they’re increasing—along with the amount of radiation that you’re exposed to.

But there is a way that you can protect yourself, 24/7, and it fits in the palm of your hand… 

Earth’s Natural Frequency

Picture this: You’re out in nature, far away from the chaos of city living. You leave your phone and computer behind, and at the end of your time away, you feel better.

Most people do. We get away from the city and our electronics to relax and reset.

Though, that relaxation you get out in a natural setting isn’t just because you’re on vacation.

It’s because you’re away from disruptive E-smog as well.

Earth, like your body, is influenced by electromagnetic frequencies.

Think of them as waves.

Our planet is surrounded by them, constantly changing and circling the Earth.

And one frequency, in particular, is what NASA calls “Earth’s heartbeat.”

It’s called the Schumann frequency, and it’s the frequency that connects all living things.

At 7.83 Hz, it can’t be perceived by the human ear, but it’s what you’re feeling when you step into nature—that sense of peace and calm.

You don’t feel it in the city or around technology, because EMF radiation disrupts the Schumann frequency. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the luxury of leaving technology behind very often.

So, How Can You Protect Yourself From Daily EMF Exposure?

Like we mentioned earlier, there is a way to take nature’s harmonious frequency with you, wherever you go.

It’s called the CENTROPIX BUBBLE, and it’s the latest advancement in active EMF defense technology.

BUBBLE is small enough to be worn around your neck.

But don’t be fooled by its size. Years of painstaking research and engineering have made BUBBLE powerful enough to protect you against E-smog around the clock.

After wearing BUBBLE, users have reported:

  • Reduces fatigue
  • Heart rate variability & grounding
  • Centered energy
  • Elevated mood
  • Rapid recovery
  • Optimal performance
  • Harmful EMF protection

These are just a few of the many benefits BUBBLE provides to its wearer.

And if you’ve done your research, we probably know what you’re thinking… 

You’ve tried all sorts of “EMF defense” devices, and none of them have made you feel better.

Well, there are thousands of wearable devices which protect against E-smog, but none of them are quite like the BUBBLE.

That’s because the CENTROPIX BUBBLE uses active defense rather than passive defense.

The vast majority of products you’ll see use passive methods to ‘protect’ against EMF radiation.

The problem is, those products aren’t amplifying the healthy frequencies that protect you and improve your wellbeing.

BUBBLE, on the other hand, uses active technology to surround your entire body with a shield of 7.83 Hz frequency—as nature intended.

When it comes to protection against EMF radiation, you need active, amplified protection. And you need it around the clock, because E-smog is always there.

The beauty of the CENTROPIX BUBBLE is its size and portability. You can take it with you wherever you go for active, full-body protection.

If you had to choose, wouldn’t you take the best defense possible?

We thought so.

Don’t spend another dollar on passive PEMF products that simply don’t work.

BUBBLE can help you reach a level of health and wellbeing that you didn’t know existed.

Earth’s natural frequency always makes us feel best. Now, you can take it with you wherever you go…


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