What are RF-EMFs, and How Might They Affect Your Wellness?

Radio Frequencies are commonly used in our electronic devices, but there’s more to RF than you might expect.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re concerned about how EMF radiation (a.k.a E-smog) works and what it might do to your body.

And that worry is justified…

With billions of smart devices going online each day, it makes sense to be concerned about how EMF radiation may affect your wellbeing.

And the scientific research seems to agree.

EMF radiation is something we should monitor, especially because we don’t yet know the long-term health effects.

That’s especially true of radiofrequency EMFs, or RF-EMFs.

They’re a specific type of electromagnetic frequency emitted by everything from your cell phone to your television.

What you might not know is how this type of EMF radiation works, and how it may be affecting you. 

Fortunately, there’s plenty of research into RF-EMFs. So, if you’re worried about EMF or if you just want to learn more about the research behind this contributor to E-smog, keep reading! 

We’ll explain what makes RF-EMFs different, and what scientists have discovered about their possible consequences.

Defining RF-EMF

According to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, radiofrequency EMFs comprise the EMF frequency range from 100 kHz to 300 GHz.

That range includes many of the products we use every day, to varying degrees…

  • Cell phones
  • Laptops/Computers
  • Wifi routers
  • TVs
  • 4G & 5G cellular towers

And more. RF-EMF is widely used by these devices to communicate with each other.

At the bottom end, 100kHz doesn’t sound like much, right?

Well, not exactly. For reference, the earth’s natural electromagnetic frequency is around 7.83 Hz.

Keep in mind that there are 1000 Hz in a kHz and 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) Hz in a GHz!

With so many electronic devices going online each day it’s no wonder RF-EMF and other kinds of E-smog are so concerning.

In fact, according to Dr. Olle Johanson of the Neuroscience Department at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, you’re exposed to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000x (1 quintillion) times more radiation compared to just ten years ago!

RF-EMF & Its Potential Effects

As we mentioned earlier, EMF radiation is a modern problem. Scientists haven’t had enough time to study its long-term effects.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t any research. In fact, a number of studies have shown the potentially harmful effects of RF-EMF. See those studies below.

A study from Touro College in New York has shown that RF-EMF emitted from cell phones may cause an increased risk of cancer in children because their skulls aren’t yet fully developed… 

“The mechanism thought to cause cancer is reactive oxygen species (ROS), which cause the creation of micronuclei. RF-EMF poses a greater threat to children than adults. This is due to the major anatomical differences between the head of a child and an adult. The skull of a child is much thinner than that of an adult.”
– Aaron Skaist, Touro College and University System

What this study and many others show is that potential damage from RF-EMF isn’t based on isolated exposure incidents.

They show that you may expose yourself to potentially dangerous levels of EMF radiation simply by using your electronic devices every day.

In other words, the devices we use every day may have a slow, but very serious effect on our wellness.

And that’s not the only study highlighting the potential dangers of RF-EMF.

Another report shows the damage RF-EMF exposure can do to lab rats…

“…three large-scale carcinogenicity studies in rodents exposed to levels of RFR that mimic lifetime human exposures have shown significantly increased rates of Schwannomas and malignant gliomas, as well as chromosomal DNA damage.”
– Miller, A. B., Sears, M. E., Morgan, L. L., Davis, D. L., Hardell, L., Oremus, M., & Soskolne, C. L. (2019). Risks to Health and Well-Being From Radio-Frequency Radiation Emitted by Cell Phones and Other Wireless Devices. 

For reference, “Schwannomas” and “malignant gliomas” are rare, cancerous tumors that occur in the nervous system and the brain.

And we’re not done yet!

A research report from the U.S. National Toxicology Program found “clear evidence” that a couple of years of exposure to RF-EMF increased cancer rates and damaged the DNA of lab rats…

“…we conclude that exposure increased the number of animals with tumors in the heart. Tumors of the brain were also considered to be related to exposure; and increased numbers of male rats with tumors of the adrenal gland were also related to exposure.”
National Toxicology Report, 2018

The ‘Domino Effect’ of EMF

You’re probably noticing a theme between a couple of the studies we’ve just mentioned—the tests were performed on rats!

And that’s a major problem when it comes to studying EMF radiation. It’s not easy to study the effects of ambient E-smog on humans.

But not because studying those rats provides inaccurate or irrelevant evidence for humans.

Remember the issue with long-term studies we talked about earlier?

Well, imagine trying to perform a long-term, controlled test of EMF radiation on humans. It could be extremely dangerous! 

And, of course, most people don’t have time to sit in a lab for weeks on end.

So, that leaves us with a misguided perception of E-smog. We can’t see it, and you probably won’t notice its potential effects right now.

So, many people brush it off.

That’s why we say RF-EMF may have a “domino effect.” It probably won’t injure you immediately. 

Instead, E-smog may work at a cellular level, potentially causing oxidative stress which can lead to a variety of chronic health conditions and diseases.

Overall, you’re likely exposed to RF-EMF and other types of EMF radiation every single day…

So, ask yourself—do I want to wait until the potentially harmful effects of EMF radiation run their course?

Defending Yourself from EMF Radiation

If you’ve done some research into E-smog, your answer is probably “no.”

Life is already full of risks. 

There’s no reason to take a chance on your wellness and your family’s wellness.

And if you’ve decided you want to defend yourself and your family from EMF radiation, you’re in luck.

CENTROPIX has developed products to mitigate the possible, compounding effects of EMF radiation.  

The resulting EMF defense devices are the CENTROPIX BUBBLE and the CENTROPIX COCOON.

Both use active defense technology to protect you at home and away…

Take BUBBLE with you as a wearable, low-profile means of EMF protection and PEMF activation.

BUBBLE, unlike most wearable EMF defense devices, uses active protection to support your body’s natural functions!

And use COCOON to support yourself and your loved ones at home.

COCOON provides an 82ft. shield around your home. Plus, you can customize COCOON’s effects with the CENTROPIX frequency-converter cards.

EMF radiation is an issue that could affect every aspect of our lives. That’s why CENTROPIX is leading the movement in E-smog education and defense devices.

We’re dedicated to helping people across the globe understand and defend themselves from the potential effects of E-smog in the digital era.
So, if you’re ready to elevate your wellbeing, visit our homepage to learn more about the entire line of CENTROPIX products. And see our other blogs to learn more about EMF radiation.

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