Protect Your Wellness. 
Protect Your Body.
Protect Your Family.

CENTROPIX Protects Your Home with the COCOON

Replicate the natural frequencies of the Earth with the CENTROPIX COCOON and bring vitality and life into your home

With an 82 ft diameter shield, the COCOON neutralizes non-thermal electrosmog. With only one small device, you’re receiving protection & self-regulating optimization.

The COCOON mirrors the Earth’s 7.83 Hz magnetic field and transmits this sinus wave throughout your home. Our breakthrough technology brings the natural life force frequency to you and your family.

COCOON Benefits

Improved Mental Clarity

Unlimited Vitality & Quality of Life

Better Daily Performance & Teamwork

Increased Fitness & Wellness

Reduced Stress

Optimal Sleep Quality

To neutralize disturbing frequencies or interference, the COCOON converter uses 24-carat gold plates and optimized minerals to mimic the earth’s resonance

Our device transmits these sinus waves to create a spherical emission cocoon of up to 82 feet in diameter surrounding your home. Within this area of influence, the COCOON converter transforms non-thermal e-smog into a bioresonance frequency– a positive life force matching that of the Earth’s magnetic field.

This scientifically backed technology disturbs negative field noise and neutralizes it — protecting your body, mind, and well-being.

Scientists have known the damaging effects for decades

In our industrialized society, one of the most common (yet still least understood) syndromes is Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome (MFDS).

It leads to a number of symptoms, including:

General Discomfort
General Lassitude

Electrosmog Is An Invisible Threat To Your Body

The damage of “electrosmog” is not exactly the most popular topic of conversation around dinner tables in America, but it’s a real threat that everyone needs to be aware of.

The Europeans have known about the noxious effects of exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields for a great while. And they haven’t been shy about protecting their citizens from the impact electrosmog has on their health at the highest levels of government.

The Ultimate Protection Against Non-thermal Electrosmog & MFDS

Authoritative scientists have studied the effects of the COCOON on non-thermal electrosmog and they were blown away by the results

During an expert training course, we were able to establish that CENTROPIX E-Smog Converters are the only ones of all tested, commercially available converters that actually correct electrosmog. Even the trainer and I as an expert were surprised and very positively impressed by the significant optimization.

What is most noticeable is that, despite having a mobile phone on their body, the test persons’ measurement data did not get worse, but in fact improved significantly. This is particularly astonishing.

– Elisabeth Dornbierer, CEO GDV-International, GDV/EPC Ausbildnerin

The COCOON was put to the test at the Günter Haffelder Institute for Brain Research with mass spectral EEG measurements. The conclusion could not have been clearer! 

“With the CENTROPIX COCOON the stress caused by e-smog was gone”*

The converters reactivated the test subjects’ mental clarity, and with the exposure to the COCOON — they were no longer disturbed by e-smog

These amazing results were confirmed by the founder of the German Society for Energy Medicine, the eminent Dr. M. Doepp, a world-renowned expert in information medicine and the developer of cutting-edge technologies in this field.

Here is what Dr. Doepp had to say about the life-changing benefits of the Cocoon system:

With the CENTROPIX technology, resilience (resistance) can be strengthened

All test persons felt significantly better, a clear positive effect

The technology shows clear biological, positive effects

Our research and field studies have proven without a doubt that the COCOON is a revolutionary system that every modern home needs.

* Günter Haffelder Institute for Communication and Brain Research Stuttgart „Spectralanalytische Messung der Wirkung des i-like E-Chips“, 2017

A COCOON of 82 Ft Diameter Surrounding Your Home Means Protection & Vitality 24/7

Like a dreamcatcher, the COCOON detects and converts the detrimental electromagnetic waves to bioresonance sources designed to benefit you. Not only are you protected from the harmful effects of non-thermal electrosmog…

But the “bad” energy is converted to bioresonance sources in accordance with the program that you select. 

Pick Your Protection

Bring Vitality & Life Into Your Home

With capacity to operate on 6 converter frequencies at once, the COCOON can deliver the precise effect you are seeking — providing you the precise outcome that you need and desire!


Protect Your Wellness. Protect Your Body. Protect Your Family.


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