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The Impact of a Digital Revolution

Today, over three billion people use smartphones. Homes all across the globe have computers and Wi-Fi routers, and our devices become faster and
more powerful day after day.

But all these modern conveniences come at a price…

Electromagnetic Fields – EMFs

Each of the above technologies emit electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. These signals contain frequencies similar to what your radio uses to tune into specific stations, only some––such as Wi-Fi or cell phones––are even higher on the EM frequency spectrum.

Since these signals don’t create heat or cause immediate damage like microwaves or sunlight, they’re generally considered harmless.

Prolonged Exposure Can Wreak Havoc On Your Well-being

When you’re constantly exposed to these frequencies, it can disrupt your body’s natural processes, leaving you feeling sluggish, affecting your ability to perform, and reducing your sleep quality.

In this ever-expanding digital landscape, it’s almost impossible to avoid these harmful waves in our day-to-day lives. The phones in our pockets. The radios in our cars. The Wi-Fi in our homes and local businesses. ‍ It’s no wonder people feel they can’t get enough sleep or shake the constant fatigue and brain fog.

The very devices that we rely on to do our work for us, connect us with our loved ones, and simplify our lives are draining our energy and impacting our well-being.

So, this begs the question…

How Can You Protect Yourself Anywhere You Go?


Join the worldwide movement

Optimize Your Life

At CENTROPIX, we’re here to give you a wellness protection solution that will transform your life and take your body & mind to the next level.

Our products are built to activate and regenerate your molecular activity. Protect your body and wellness wherever you go, and shield your home from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

If this sounds too good to be true, then keep reading and witness the future of wellness evolve right in front of your eyes. This is your chance to take control of your energy, your balance, your quality of life, and your future.

More Molecules in Your Body Than Stars in the Galaxy

Before we can give you the total-wellness solutions, let’s first look at the science that supports our technology…

Your body is made up of approximately 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (that’s 70 followed by 27 zeros!) particles —  which are billions of years old.


experts estimate

1 Trillion+ Times More EMF Radiation

Experts Estimate You’re Exposed to Over 1 Trillion Times More Man-Made EMF Radiation Than Your Grandparents.

EMF radiation or “electrosmog” (aka eSmog) is a huge problem that’s only going to grow exponentially. Just look at the facts:

3.8 billion+ smartphones in the world & millions of cell towers
There’s WiFi in virtually every home in America & Europe
20 billion connected “smart” devices emitting
20,000+ satellites covering the earth in microwave radiation

But that’s not all — With every new satellite comes mini-towers that will pepper cities and villages across the world.

With virtually every inch of the planet soon to be covered in EMF, there’s no escaping this problem

Olle Johanson, PhD
Professor, Head of Experimental Dermatology unit
Department of Neuropscience at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden

State-of-the-art technologies

With CENTROPIX you don‘t have to worry about unseen forces again

Our state-of-the-art technologies will help you restore your body, vitality & connection to the Earth’s natural magnetic fields. Protecting you from the risks of e-smog and electromagnetic radiation. While providing you energy, sustainability, and balance to thrive in the current technological environment.

A Scientifically Backed Wellness Solution

CENTROPIX is a bio-tech enterprise with breakthrough technologies that facilitate the protection, regeneration, and recharging of the body. Our wellness solution solves many of today’s problems and gives you optimal potential for tomorrow.


A breakthrough, one-of-a-kind PEMA technology engineered to to support you body‘s natural, “inner doctor” and recharge your “batteries”.


Activate the Universe’s natural bio-resonance within you and elevate your body’s energy and performance in just 15 minutes a day.

Powered by Prof. Dr. W. A. Kafka

One of the world‘s most enhanced at home non-thermal e-smog converter and frequency modulator. The COCOON creates an 82-foot diameter area of protection around your home, shielding you and your family from EMF, and all stray energy that puts the body in a state of crisis. Protect your well-being. Protect your pets. Protect your home

The COCOON also transforms harmful electrosmog into a bioresonance frequency that neutralizes disruptive e-smog and provides vital benefits for all people, animals and even plants in range of the COCOON.

Finally, the COCOON allows you to send out specially targeted EMFs based on your needs, whatever they may be. It has three open slots and comes with three sinus converter cards that each provide their own unique benefits. Simply plug the converter cards directly into the slots and your COCOON will send out programmed frequencies throughout its area of effect.

Probably the world’s smallest wearable active-frequency  device, the CENTROPIX BUBBLE is a pendant that shields your body from harmful EMFs wherever you go.

The BUBBLE also emits regulation frequencies which counteract the damaging EMFs produced by electrical equipment, preserving your natural energy field and making your body more resistant to electrosmog.

That means less fatigue, brain fog, and poor sleep. That means more energy, vitality, better focus, and enhanced performance. And more importantly, that means a more vital and active life.


German Engineering


German Engineering


why we do what we do

Be The Change

In our ever-evolving digital world, CENTROPIX strives to do as Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

As a global, state-of-the-art biotech enterprise, CENTROPIX entices a shift in consciousness, a movement of Gratitude, and a personal challenge in the name of The Greater Good — a calling for every individual to answer and “Be The Change.”

And if you’ve made it this far, loving the wellness solution as an answer to the unseen forces harming our bodies and the Earth, then join us on our mission. We’d love to have you on our team.


“CENTROPIX stands to awaken, empower, and inspire global consciousness for club-humanity. The CENTROPIX emporium deploys innovative technologies to fulfill our destiny to promote superior well-being, abundant wealth, and carefree wholesome living for all.”


Protect yourself at home & wherever you go

What Makes CENTROPIX Energy-Based Emporium A Wellness Solution?

We start with KLOUD & your body

It gives you the opportunity to activate, balance and regenarate your body.


We protect your body, pets & wellness – with COCOON

Connecting you with the earth’s geomagnetic field and emitting a transformational bioresonance.


We accompany you during your day — with BUBBLE

Preserving your achieved wellness gains at home and protecting you outside while “on-the-go” from non-thermal e-smog and other harmful stray energies.


Passive vs active EMF devices

What Sets CENTROPIX Apart from the Rest?

EMF protection jewelry is everywhere. If you search online, you’ll find all types of pendants and bracelets that claim to cancel out harmful EMFs.

The only problem with these devices is that they emit what are called “passive” or non-amplified EMFs. This means that while you’re wearing them, the “shield” of EMF protection is only as large or slightly larger than the piece of jewelry itself. 

The signal is non-amplified, so the area of effect is limited, and you don’t get the full-body protection you need.

The CENTROPIX BUBBLE uses what’s called “active” or amplified EMF modulation

Not only to supply your body with earth-like frequency pulses, but also to emit counter signals that change electrosmog into bioresonance frequencies that encompass your entire body.

The signal’s strength is powerful enough to create a protective field or “Bubble” around your whole body, actively mitigating the harmful effects of unnatural, non-thermal EMFs.

When it comes to active versus passive EMF devices, the only question is:

“How much protection do you want?”


CENTROPIX Aims to Change the World

If Entropy is chaos, then Centropy is order. 

The Urban Dictionary defines Centropy as “the electrification of matter, bringing on creative renewal. The beginning of reality; the opposite of entropy.” 

Inspired by this definition, a new word — “CENTROPIX” — was born. Harnessing the power of centropy, CENTROPIX evokes harmony and hope, restores unity and balance, and inspires empowerment and inclusiveness for all.

If you feel that any of the above resonates with who you are and what you believe…


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Through molecules we are connected to the Earth and the Universe

As well as to every living being that has ever existed (as your body contains an atom from every human and animal that has ever lived, including extinct dinosaurs, according to Ethan Siegel, Ph.D. astrophysicist). 

On the most fundamental and basic level, YOU are a piece of the Universal puzzle in human form. But the molecules, this breathtaking manifestation of creation that connects us to all living things, is also the subject of relentless attack.

Because the very molecules that make up your organism’s cells are constantly being bombarded, and as you probably already know, the Earth has a geomagnetic field, which interacts with your body at the molecular level.

But unfortunately, research shows that the field has been growing progressively weaker, while the sinister forces disrupting our field are gaining strength.

And this is a problem that’s happening whether we like it or not.